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We now have Audio and Video chat with multiple broadcast service.


We have now Flash Video chat for private video and audio chat based on IRC.



For convenience, Lovely Nepal Chat Messenger is programmed for windows users..




H Welcome To Our Site gives you platform to virtually communicate with Nepali people here in Nepal Chat. This site brings all Nepalese a portal for chat. You can discuss on recent issues or just have fun or start dating anyone here in Nepal Chat. This is purely an entertainment Nepali website and we don't want any offensive words / persons to be around. This is user friendly Nepal Chat. A chat site from nepal dedicated to Nepalese all around the world.

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Email at timerider07@gmail for also any other further information

For Windows users convenience, there is an chat program or messenger developed.


DOWNLOAD Lovely Nepal Messenger ( Beta Version ) 700 KB


Download Nepal Chat for Android Phones [Click here]


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Services and Support

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 NepalChat You can get to us by Web Chat or Email us at  

 Also, You can also get to us by IRC which is provided below, you need to download mIRC for this.

or click WebChat


 Port: 6667 or 8867
 Channel: #Nepal or #Help



 Below are our services!


24/7 Online Support.

Free psyBNC / ZNC account

A Shell account for active users.

Limited Free Cpanel Web Hosting account.



You can donate us with Paypal ( or Credit card. Note is a free Nepali organization which holds no profit.

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